"Energy Healing Success Secrets"

Five Critical Components for Empowered Energy Healing Sessions

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"Energy Healing Success Secrets" is a self-paced online course designed to empower your energy healing session effectiveness, so you can more consistently experience true discernment, intuitive flow, and transformational energy shifts in beautifully facilitated energy healing sessions.

As a holistic nurse and personal growth coach using energy healing methods to help my clients, I noticed that some sessions went beautifully - we felt connected, in-tune, and were able to easily discern the core issues, release what needed releasing, and ended the session feeling really great about everything.

But sometimes, the exact opposite would happen. Time crunches, distractions from daily life, feeling distanced, or just not remembering how to get a session to flow properly, could leave me and my client feeling like there was something missing... that we had gone through the motions, but not accomplished any meaningful shifts.

It's normal for every session to be different. After all, energy is always changing. Clearing up one issue lightens our load, and allows the next to come up to be released. I get that. But when I started really paying attention to the details and the differences between sessions where everything went well, versus those that did not...

I began to notice patterns.

Over time, helping hundreds of others make personal growth progress, I noticed that there are 5 Common Energy Healing Mistakes that downgrade the effectiveness of energy healing results. These can show up as limitations or blockers in diverse ways, including (but not limited to):

  • excessive fatigue after sessions
  • feeling overwhelmed by the magnitude of other people's problems
  • feeling stuck in the middle of a session and not knowing how to move things forward
  • feeling like healing will never happen (and maybe energy healing is a sham)
  • blaming yourself for not healing
  • blaming yourself for not knowing enough to help your clients
  • feeling off-balance
  • empathically taking on other people's physical, mental or emotional pain

Then, I realized that these 5 common energy healing session mistakes correspond to 5 critical energy healing session components. Leave any of these out... and the session can fall flat or leave you with residual energetic burdens. Include them all, and the session flows beautifully....

That's what Energy Healing Success Secrets Course is designed for... to help you facilitate energy healing sessions that flow beautifully... every... single... time.

Waiting for you inside Energy Healing Success Secrets is the information I discovered when I really began looking at the difference between a good energy healing session - and a great one that truly elevates your vibrational energies...

Energy Healing Success Secrets = Energy Healing Sessions Simplified

Inside Energy Healing Success Secrets, you'll discover all 5 of those most common energy healing mistakes... and the 5 critical components that make all the difference in consistently creating effective, transformative energy healing sessions.

Energy Healing Success Secrets includes:

  • The 5 critical energy healing session components,
  • How to include these components in every energy healing session, regardless of which energy healing modalities you practice,
  • A printable, one-page Energy Healing Session Guide to help you include all 5 critical components into your energy healing sessions... so you can facilitate successful, effective, soul satisfying energy healing sessions every time.

Energy Healing Success Secrets will empower you to do these 3 things:

  • Help you facilitate powerfully intuitive energy healing sessions that energize both you and your clients.
  • Help your client experience the exact "aha moments" they need to grow forward.
  • Help both you and your clients heal in every aspect of life.
What you'll find inside of Energy Healing Success Secrets...

Module 1 contains a welcome and a short introduction covering the Who and the Why of Energy Healing Success Secrets.

Module 2 begins with an introduction, a big picture overview of the framework for the critical components of successful energy healing sessions.
Then there are 5 lessons... each revealing one of the 5 Critical Components of Effective Energy Healing Sessions. Each lesson contains a video and a handout/worksheet.
I highly encourage you to go through each lesson in order - because the material in each lesson is based on the content of the previous lessons before.
Module 2 ends with delivery of the Energy Healing Session Guide - the one page printable document that you can keep handy for your energy healing sessions. This guide can serve as a one-glance reminder to include each of the 5 critical components of energy healing sessions.... Soooooo helpful!! Module 2 delivers the main course content.
Module 3 is for Resources, Surprize Bonuses and Opportunities... a place where I can give you new info, updates and invitations that can help you live your gifts.

Energy Healing Success Secrets is designed as an online, self-paced mini-course. It's possible to go through this course in less than a day. But don't discount the simplicity!
Energy Healing Success Secrets contains powerful information that can make all the difference in your ability to facilitate intuitive, soul-satisfying effective energy healing sessions.

It's like having a simple, secret formula for creating little miracles...

Your Instructor

Jo Lyn Cornelsen
Jo Lyn Cornelsen

A Holistic Nursepreneur, Jo Lyn is an accomplished author, light worker, and success advocate. She brings out the best in students and clients, sharing proven processes for holistic healing and transformational personal and business growth . Her goal is for you to experience clarity, live fully, express authentically, and find joy in your journey. "All success is powered by the light within."

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take me to go through Energy Healing Success Secrets?
It is possible to go through this online, self-paced mini-course in just a few hours. Getting the whole big picture of the 5 critical components of effective energy healing sessions the first time through is really helpful. But integrating these concepts into your energy healing session will require practice... So the best way to really integrate the concepts into your practice is 1) go through the course all at once the first time... then 2) come back and review what you need most, when you need it. Once you've purchased Energy Healing Success Secrets, you can return and go through the course as often as you wish.
Is Energy Healing Success Secrets a New Modality?
No... it's not a new modality. There are plenty of amazing Energy Healing Modalities already created (I have my favorites, as I'm sure you do, too). Energy Healing Success Secrets simply presents what I've come to know through experience - the five critical components for effective energy healing session success. These can be integrated into any energy healing modality... OR they can be used as a simple standalone framework for meditative, intuitive energy healing sessions.
When does the course begin and end?
The course starts as soon as you enroll! It is a completely self-paced online training. You'll have lifetime access for as long as the course exists on our platform - including any updates or bonuses we add later...
Do you promise this course will get me the results I want?
No one can guarantee any results from energy healing - but I do promise that the information inside Energy Healing Success Secrets is authentic and can be truly transformational - if applied with real intent and for good purpose.
Are refunds available if I am not happy with the course?
Due to the digital nature of this course, refunds are not available. So only enroll if you have the resources to do so without causing financial hardship to yourself or your family.
What if I have questions about the course content or need customer support?
If you have technical difficulties with login or billing, an email to [email protected] can help with that. For feedback or questions regarding course content - you'll find a customer service email inside Module 1 of the Energy Healing Success Secrets.

1. There are Five Common Energy Healing Mistakes that can limit your ability to facilitate soul satisfying energy healing sessions.
2. There are Five Critical Components needed to consistently facilitate effective Energy Healing Sessions. Leave any of them out - and your sessions can fall flat. Include all five in each session, and you'll exponentially expand your results.
3. Energy Healing Success Secrets reveals simple, but powerful actions you can take to expand your ability to connect with the divine, to access intuitive flow and improve your gifts of healing, discernment, compassion and more. Energy Healing Success Secrets empowers you to facilitate true energy healing transformational shifts.... every... single... time.

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